Interesting facts and useful information about swimwear

Swimwear is very important for beach season. It can flatter your body type. At the other extreme, it can spoil your look. You can also complete your swimwear with the sandals you find here. Now, let us see the main swimsuit styles.

        For our purpose, all the swimming suits can be divided into three large groups:

  • Two-piece (the top and bottom sections are separated);
  • One-piece (the top and bottom sections are linked together);
  • Monokini (the top and bottom sections are linked with a thin strap).

        Bra top styles:

  • Bandeau. This top leaves your shoulders and neck uncovered. It is elastic enough, so you do not need a fastener.
  • Halter. The top is fastened with two straps. The top can have one wide strap that links the cups.
  • Tank top. It is a cropped top with wide strings. It also includes a standard top with two shoulder-straps.

        Bottom type styles:

  • Bikini. The bottom uncovers a significant part of the thigh.


  • Microkini. It includes strings, thongs and briefs. Such bottoms provide very little coverage.


  • Slip bottom. A modest option that covers body like ordinary slips.

  • Shorts. A stylish option that is suitable for both young girls and older women.

  • Swim-dress. This is a bottom with a skirt.



  • Bikini. Bikini bottoms go with bandeau or halter tops (with very thin straps).

  • Bandini. Swimsuit transformation with a bandeau top. Shoulders are uncovered, but the torso is covered.

  • Tankini. This is a new look of a tank top. The top is long and it can extend downward to the bottom.



  • Maillot. The swimsuit with a round or V-shaped neckline. The front part of the torso is covered, while the back is uncovered.

  • Plandzh. It has a deep neckline and maximum coverage of a backside.

  • High-neck. It covers the major part of the torso. Front and back parts of the body are covered and a decollete extends to the neck.


  • Burkini. It covers almost the whole body. This swimsuit is used by Muslim women, who are not allowed to expose their body.

     Choose any swimsuit by preference. Create your stylish look and stay beautiful!